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Acne is a growing problem in society

More and more people are suffering from acne, but why? In the past acne was a problem mostly for teenagers but in recent years more and more adults are affected by acne. Why does this happen?

  • First - people are much more careful about their appearance, because first impressions have become more important in our society.
  • Second - our environment has changed. The air is more polluted nowadays and these damaging particles irritate your skin and clog your pores.
  • Third - food contains more hormones and additives which could worsen your skin conditio

During puberty 93% of all teenagers are suffering in one way or another from acne. Later, one in four men and every second woman is affected by acne between their thirties and forties. But don’t just accept it and try to cover your blemishes with make up, this could make all your conditions worse.

Get rid of acne with our help

On the following pages you will find out why acne happens and how you can help your skin look better. also includes general information about acne, a review of the different types of acne, acne myths and information about acne scars.

Additionally, our Review Centre features our best-rated acne treatment system and also reviews of different anti-acne products.

Our Product Ranking

1. ClearPores Cleansing System

2. Vilantea

3. Acuzine

4. Accutane

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