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Acne Scars

One of the unpleasant side effects of acne is the scars left behind and the poor state of the skin. Acne scars are, unfortunately, notoriously hard to treat. In certain cases acne scars can not be removed despite the expensive methods used. The most common ways of dealing with acne scars are:

Dermabrasion. The outer layer of the skin is removed in order to remove scars. This method is best used for scars that stand out from the skin and much less effective for scars going deep into the lower layers.

Laser resurfacing. A laser beam is used to remove areas of damaged skin one layer at a time. Laser treatment is also effective in getting rid of areas of uneven pigmentation and achieving an overall healthy look.

Punch excision. This is a method of correcting deep scars through the use of a punch biopsy tool, which is matched to the size of the acne scar. The scar is excised with the punch tool and the edges of the skin are sutured together.

Chemical peels. This method relies on a mixture of chemicals to improve the texture of the skin and to make it smoother by removing the damaged top layer. Phenol, trichloroacetic acid and alphahydroxy acids are the most commonly used substances.

Subcision. The scar is cut loose from the deeper tissue, allowing a pool of blood to form under the scar. The blood clot helps form a new layer of connective tissue under the scar, leveling it with the surface.

The most important thing to remember is that acne is a disease that affects people all over the world, regardless of their race or culture. Many people suffer from it past their teen years, despite acne being seen as a teenagers’ problem. The most common form of acne is known by doctors as “acne vulgaris”. The lesions caused by acne appear, usually, on the face, chest, neck, upper back and upper arms. The most severe forms of acne can lead to scars that may be visible for a lifetime.

The second most important thing to remember is to refrain from dealing with zits and pimples yourself by squeezing them open or picking them. In many cases, such actions lead to the spread of acne to other areas of the body. The best choice is to see a dermatologist. You can also use herbs, such as Echinacea, pokeroot, witch hazel or red clover, to treat acne, but this won’t work in the severe cases. These are best left to doctors.

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